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BROKEN - Poster

BROKEN [2012]

A troubled man responsible for a series of violent attacks on criminals calls a radio show to provoke the nation to stand up to crime and fight back.


The First 8mm Camera Made in over 30 Years Will Be Released in December

Last December we talked about the Logmar 8mm, the first 8mm camera to be manufactured in over 30 years, when it was in its earlier stages of development. Well — now, she’s all grown up …


Animators face 4K film technology ‘challenge’

Posted by Dave Sunter on November 19, 2014  /   No Comments

The advent of 4K and high frame rate films presents a “huge challenge” for studios & animators using computer-based animation, an expert has said. Bruno Mahe, technical head at studio Illumination Mac Guff, said the …


BMPCC & GH4 Users, Meet Veydra’s New Micro 4/3 Mount Cine Primes

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Image quality doesn’t just depend on which camera you shoot on. If you shoot on a Micro 4/3 camera, you know all too well that it also mostly depends on your lenses. Micro 4/3 cameras …

Panasonic Lumix CM1 Smartphone Camera

Panasonic Introduces Two New 4K Cameras That Can Fit in Your Pocket

Posted by Dave Sunter on September 16, 2014  /   No Comments

Samsung’s NX1 mirrorlessPanasonic Lumix CM1 Smartphone Camera wasn’t the only 4K camera announced at Photokina as Panasonic announced two 4K models aimed at the consumer crowd….


If You Have 14 Minutes, You Have Time to Learn the Basics of Cinematic Composition

Posted by Dave Sunter on September 4, 2014  /   No Comments

(via No Film School – V Renée) A cinematographer expresses his or her vision, and/or that of the director, through the art of composition — the selection and arrangement of elements. This video essay by …


What Does a Colorist Really Do for Your Films? This Video Takes a Look

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(via No Film School – Joe Marine) Colorists are often the last thing people think about on many lower-budget projects, but besides a good sound editor, they are what bring your video to the next …


New Canon EF to MFT Metabones Speed Booster Makes a Super 35 Camera Out of the GH4

Posted by Dave Sunter on August 27, 2014  /   No Comments

(via No Film School – Dave Kendricken) Metabones has already provided shooters with a variety of Speed Boosters — lens adapters that optically counteract crop factor, increase light transmission, and in many cases even maintain …


How to Get Your Canon 5D Mark III RAW Footage Looking Like Arri Alexa

Posted by Dave Sunter on June 27, 2013  /   No Comments

(via No Film School – Dave Kendricken) Suffice it to say some lucky, happy campers here at NFS have recently (finally) gotten their hands on a refurbished Canon 5D Mark III. Substances will surely flow …


Tuck Bushman and the Werewolves of Windy Crack [2013]

Tuck Bushman is back for a third outing as a call comes in from Lady Fiddler from Windy Crack!